ARDK 2.1.0 Release Notes 2022-06-30


  • [Contextual Awareness] Small improvement in semantics segmentation prediction accuracy for all classes

  • [Contextual Awareness] Average depth accuracy improvement of 8%, with a significant percent accuracy improvement of 17% at longer ranges

  • [Developer Platform] Unity 2021 officially supported

  • [VPS] Added LocalizationFailureReason to WayspotAnchorService

  • [VPS] Added automatic resume tracking wayspot anchors after VPS restart in WayspotAnchorService

  • [VPS] Adding detection of network connectivity issues. In this scenario a LocalizationStateUpdated event will trigger, the state will not change (stays at Localized or Localizing), however the failure reason will be set to CannotConnectToServer

  • [VPS] Wayfarer app v1.1 now supports testing localizations for Private VPS Locations

  • [Developer Platform] AR Voyage sample app updated to use ARDK 2 and VPS

Bug Fixes

  • [Basic AR] Fixed issue on Android where ARReferenceImageFactory.CreateAsync(string name, ...) does not set anchor name correctly

  • [Basic AR] Fixed issue on Android with GetViewMatrix(ScreenOrientation orientation) not returning requested view matrix

  • [Basic AR] Fixed ImageDetection sample in ARDK-Examples

  • [Contextual Awareness] Fixed wrong mock mesh in Meshing example scene

  • [Developer Platform] Fixed null ref error that occurred when Play Mode was entered with no API key set.

  • [Developer Platform] Fixed issue in UnityLocationService with enabling compass

  • [Developer Tools] Mock scenes will now appear even if the Virtual Studio Editor Window is closed.

  • [Developer Tools] Fixed bug where MockImageAnchors would continue to update after being removed from a configuration.

  • [Developer Tools] Fixed bug in Mock mode on Windows where planes render as pink

  • [Shared AR] Enabled sending empty peer message with SendDataToPeers()

  • [Shared AR] Fixed issue with broadcast with empty peer list

  • [VPS] Fixed issue with localization timeouts

  • [VPS] Removed VPS Beta Localization folder in ARDK-examples

  • [VPS] Fixed issue with InvalidAPIKey localization error


  • [Developer Tools] Visual Studio Remote mode over wireless is now deprecated. Remote mode over USB is still supported.

Known Issues

  • [Basic AR] In ImageDetection sample, green box disappears when the user selects ‘None’ as the Run Option and taps on ‘Disable Yeti’ button.

  • [Contextual Awareness] Occlusion doesn’t work when ARDepthManager.OcclusionMode is set to ScreenSpaceMesh in Mock mode

  • [Developer Tools] On Windows, Unity editor does not get camera feed image from iOS and Android via Remote mode over USB

  • [Developer Tools] On M1 Macs using Unity 2021, Android devices show red screen after connecting via Remote mode over USB

  • [VPS] Sometimes anchors do not load after losing/regaining tracking

Released: June 30, 2022