struct LocationInfo (Niantic.ARDK.LocationService.LocationInfo)


struct LocationInfo {
    // fields

    readonly double Altitude;
    readonly LatLng Coordinates;
    readonly double HorizontalAccuracy;
    readonly double Timestamp;
    readonly double VerticalAccuracy;

    // methods

    bool Equals(LocationInfo other);
    override bool Equals(object obj);
    override int GetHashCode();

        double latitude,
        double longitude,
        double altitude = double.NaN,
        double horizontalAccuracy = double.NaN,
        double verticalAccuracy = double.NaN,
        double timestamp = double.NaN

    LocationInfo(LatLng coordinates);
    LocationInfo(UnityEngine.LocationInfo info);
    override string ToString();
    static bool operator != (LocationInfo l1, LocationInfo l2);
    static bool operator == (LocationInfo l1, LocationInfo l2);

Detailed Documentation


readonly double Altitude

Altitude relative to sea level, in meters.

readonly LatLng Coordinates

Geographical device location coordinates in degrees.

readonly double HorizontalAccuracy

Horizontal accuracy of the location.

readonly double Timestamp

POSIX Timestamp (in seconds since 1970) when location was recorded.

readonly double VerticalAccuracy

Vertical accuracy of the location.