class DepthMeshOcclusionManager (Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.Depth.DepthMeshOcclusionManager)

This helper can be placed in a scene to easily add occlusions, with minimal setup time. It reads synchronized depth output from ARFrame, and feeds it into an DepthMeshOcclusionEffect that then performs the actual shader occlusion. Both precision options of DepthMeshOcclusionEffect are available, and can be toggled between.

class DepthMeshOcclusionManager: Niantic.ARDK.Extensions.UnityLifecycleDriver {

Inherited Members

    // properties

    bool AreFeaturesEnabled;
    bool CanInitialize;
    bool Initialized;

    // methods

    void Deinitialize();
    void DisableFeatures();
    void EnableFeatures();
    void Initialize();