ARDK 1.2.0 Release Notes 2022-02-02


  • [Contextual Awareness] Enabled saving mesh sequences in MeshSaver via SaveMeshSequentially()

  • [Context Awareness] Semantic segmentation improvements. Improved accuracy of foliage, building, grass, water and ground semantic segmentation by 5-10%. Improved depth estimation accuracy in the 5-20m range by 23% and in the 20-100m range by 36%

  • [Developer Tools] ARDK is now officially supported on Unity 2020.3 LTS. For this release, Unity 2019.4 LTS is also supported…

  • [Developer Tools] Adds 2-finger trackpad scroll as camera rotation in Virtual Studio Mock Mode

Bug Fixes

  • [Developer Platform] Fixed bug causing crash on exit with iOS apps.

  • [Developer Tools] Fixed bugs with mock ARNetworking where 1) players connected through the Virtual Studio window would sometimes not use the correct identifier, and 2) a device joining an already active session would not properly initialize all peers.

Known Issues

  • [Context Awareness] Camera image doesn’t appear when building Android builds with OpenGL ES 2. Does not affect iOS builds or builds using OpenGL ES 3 or Metal.

  • [Developer Tools] Cannot use wireless Remote Mode because app says it’s connected immediately, so you cannot connect with the Unity Editor

Breaking Changes

  • [Context Awareness] Add “natural_ground” class channel to semantic segmentation at channel index 2.

Upgrade Guide

New Natural Ground Semantic Channel

A new semantic channel, “natural_ground” has been added to ARDK’s semantic segmentation. If you access semantic channels by index, be aware that the new channel has been inserted at index 2. Any code referring to semantic channels at index 2 or higher should be updated to use the new channel index. For example, if you have code that accesses channel index 3 expecting the “water” channel, you’ll need to update this code to access channel index 4.

Released: February 02, 2022