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Most of the Lightship ARDK features such as Depth, Occlusions, Semantic Segmentation and Real-time Meshing are free. We will charge developers for the use of certain AR services like our Shared AR service and Lightship Visual Positioning System (VPS).

We developed the Lightship ARDK platform pricing to be as simple as possible so you can start creating compelling AR experiences right from the start. The cost will be based on the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) that use the service, with a generous free tier.

Lightship Visual Positioning Service (VPS) is currently in public beta and will be free during public beta.

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  1. Prices are subject to change. Any developer who creates a Lightship ARDK developer account in 2022 will be able to retain the early bird pricing above until January 1, 2024.

  2. During this period, service protection data transfer limits apply and Shared AR session data transfer is limited to 50MB per session

  3. Subject to service protection limits like total session data transfer caps, individual message size caps, and API call rate limits — to be announced

  4. A Monthly Active User (MAU) is a unique device application install that initializes the application during a billing period (a calendar month). Since we do not collect cross-device identifiers to protect end user privacy, we count each device instance as a separate MAU. For example, deleting and reinstalling an app that uses the ARDK would result in an additional MAU. For the Shared AR Service, a device is only counted if they successfully join a session with 2+ devices at least once during the month. Only users of Shared AR features are counted as part of the Shared AR pricing. Niantic will calculate the number of MAU based on Lightship ARDK telemetry

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