Niantic's AR platforms, Lightship and 8th Wall, allow you to unlock the full potential of real-world AR on leading Head Mounted Displays (HMDs).
Build rich, immersive real-world AR experiences on leading Head Mounted Displays.
Access powerful tools and partnerships to innovate on headsets
Niantic offers WebAR and Unity-based platforms to give developers the features they need to build first-of-its-kind AR experiences for Head Mounted Displays (HMDs). These tools include:
  • 8th Wall Metaversal Deployment: Harness the power of WebAR to build once and deploy across platforms and devices.
  • Lightship ARDK: Partner with us for exclusive early access to our powerful Visual Positioning System and Shared AR for multiplayer experiences to bring the real world to headsets.
Build once, deploy everywhere with Niantic 8th Wall
8th Wall, Niantic’s WebAR platform, gives you the tools to build cross-platform WebAR and WebVR experiences and deploy them across devices including desktop, mobile, and headset.

With 8th Wall Metaversal Deployment, quickly reach more global audiences without increasing time or costs. Build for leading HMDs like:

  • Meta Quest 3
  • Apple Vision Pro
  • Magic Leap 2
Magic Leap 2 Lightship ARDK Private Beta Now Available
Use all the same powerful features available in Lightship ARDK for mobile to build persistent, asymmetrical, real-world AR experiences for Magic Leap 2. Access to Lightship ARDK will be provided to developer teams on a rolling basis, please fill out the form below and the Niantic team will reach out with next steps.
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