Managing Private VPS Locations in the Developer Portal

Private VPS Locations that you create for development purposes are managed in the developer portal. After you submit a private scan, you can log in to the portal to see the status of your submitted scan. You can also use the portal to browse all your submitted Private VPS Locations, and delete ones that you no longer need.

To see your list of submitted Private VPS Locations and their current status, log in to and navigate to My Meshes. Here you can see details of all your submitted Private VPS Locations.

Understanding Private VPS Location Status

Your Private VPS Locations will display a Status of Processed, Processing, or Failed.


If the Private VPS Location is marked Processed, it is ready to be used for VPS localization and VPS Wayspot Anchors.

If the Private VPS Location is marked Processing, it’s being processed and isn’t ready to be used for VPS localization or Wayspot Anchors yet.

If the Private VPS Location is marked Failed, the submitted scan encountered issues when it was processed by Niantic. You’ll need to re-submit your private scan using the Niantic Wayfarer app.

Deleting Private VPS Locations

If you no longer need a Private VPS Location, click Manage Meshes at the top of the list of scans, and then click the Trash Can icon next to the Private VPS Location you want to delete.


Downloading Meshes

You can download a mesh for your Private VPS Location that you can use for development purposes in your Unity project. Meshes are provided in Draco format. You may need to convert from Draco format to OBJ format before importing into Unity. You may also need to invert the Y scale of the imported mesh to match Unity’s coordinate system.

Meshes are only available for successfully Processed Private VPS Locations. To download a mesh, click the download arrow in the Private VPS Location row.